Can I use MX Player as a music player?

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MX Player is one of the most popular and powerful video players with advanced features and hardware acceleration along with subtitle support. It performs better than most of the video players due to its advanced features.

MX Player is the first Android video player which supports multi-core decoding, making its performance really fast on multi-core devices. Users being happy with MX Player’s performance,  prefer it above most of the video players as their default choice for watching any type of videos.


Can I use MX Player as a music player?

Users seeing all the great features of MX Player may also be looking to use it as a music player, but is it possible?

Well, the answer is somewhat complex and complicated. Technically, it is not impossible to use MX Player as a music player, but there are some important features missing in MX Player to use it fully as a Music Player.

Android System does not allow the file associations to be changed in the run-time system. This means that only video files can be played by default and MX Player cannot be used as a default Music Player.

However, audio file listing is possible and you can play audio files by adding different audio file extensions.

You can do this by going to MX Player > Settings > List > File Extensions and then add different audio file extensions.


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