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MX PlayerFinding a good video player for your smartphone / tablet can be quite a task considering that you will need one that fits all your needs. A player that van play videos / movies without any lag, has accommodating features and has an easy to use design. MX Player is an app which plays videos and movies without any bumps and gives you great visual quality. It has hardware acceleration , first of it’s kind multi – core decoding support makes the performance even better. The pinch zoom is available even for longer and lower resolution videos. The subtitle can be scrolled to make them move according go your speed. What more could you want from a video player! If you have age sensitive content , it comes with a kids lock to keep children from accessing it.


What’s new in MX player 1.7.11?

  • The MX Player V1.7.11 version has added support for double tap gesture now.
  • In addition to this it has toggle play / pause.
  • It also supports Samsung multiwindow now.
  • The option to hide position text while seeking video was added.
  • You can now check playback screen by going to > Menu > Display > Settings > Navigation > Display position text while seeking video.
  • The kids lock behaviour was changed a little.
  • The h / w + playback failure on Google Nexus 10 was fixed.
  • Dialogues were fixed so as to not hide behind main window in Android 4.2.

How to install MX player 1.7.11?

The app can be downloaded from the given download link. If you have Android 4.2 or higher, you can download and install it. The unknown sources will have yo be enabled.

Download MX player


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