Download MX Player 1.8.11

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MX PlayerMX player is an Android application which helps user play almost all types of audio and video formats. It is one of the most downloaded application on the Google Play Store with millions of happy users worldwide. MX player can play most of your media without any additional setup or settings. It also offers a ton of features making it the favourite video player worldwide.

Features of MX Player 1.8.11

  • MX player can display subtitles in videos from various sources online as well as offline. It supports many subtitle formats such as .srt .sub and .txt and can also help users switch them on the go.

  • It can play almost any media file including .flv .3gp .mp4 .webm .mkv etc.

  • Has user-friendly gestures which can easily help perform various actions such as changing the brightness, delay and switch subtitles, adjust volume etc. without having to explicitly adjust from the settings menu.

  • Want to let kids watch videos without worrying about them changing other settings and switching apps? MX player has an inbuilt Kids mode which helps parents pin MX player to the screen meaning they cannot switch apps or make calls.

  • Support for custom themes making it customizable to suit user needs.

  • It supports Network Playback meaning you can now stream all your favourite media from the internet or your home media server without having to download it or worrying about space available on the device.

  • The special Hardware Decoders helps saves battery and make video performance smoother.

How to download MX Player?

Download android’s most downloaded video player from the given link.

Download MX Player


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