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MX PlayerJ2 interactive studios introduced the most powerful video player with advanced acceleration and subtitle supports called MX PLAYER. Any type of audio and video format can be played by MX player even AC-3. It is also used and recommended as an alternative for the standard playback software. This is mostly the oldest version of video players for android devices. This app is broadly configured by the inbuilt parameters for effective video playing. This app is downloaded 500 million times for its effective features.

Features of MX Player 1.8.12

  • This app has undergone an update which contains the feature of online streaming videos with youtube collaboration.
  • Kid lock is provided in the application to prevent your kids from accessing all the different features of the MX Player app and other settings.
  • Online subtitles feature is available in the app for downloading subtitles to any type of video.
  • This app is completely user command-based app since all the gestures like subtitles etc. can be controlled by the user based on his needs.
  • Easy forward and backward operations were included just by swiping on the screen to and fro.
  • Complete screen resolution is based upon the user needs so that you can change the mode of view by pinching to zoom in and out.
  • Brightness levels and volume levels can be simply adjusted by swiping up and down on left and right sides of the screen.
  • Multi-Core Decoding is the most astonishing feature of this application and this is the first app with that feature.
  • It is also termed and approved as that it is better than 70 percent of single core-devices based on test results.
  • It supports all the audio formats like AC-3, MP3, AAC etc.,

How to download MX PLayer 1.8.12?

Click the link in provided below the article for downloading the best video player app for android and install it in your device and enjoy effective video playing experience.


Download MX Player


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