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MX PlayerThe media industry today is one of the biggest and highest grossing industries overall , but this wasn’t the case always. This development has come forward with the development of
technology and media. Beginning with TV, as the first medium for multimedia entertainment and information, to be accessed by the common folk. And then to the computer. The computer was a big advancement on part of technologies, and it opened the door for many of the technologies today. All the things were not possible manually are being done by computer, calculations, information processing and what not, are all the features of a basic computer today. But as big of a technological feat it might be to create a computer, the mobile phones of today are a step further. The mobile phone has gone from being a replacement device for the landline telephones to be the alarm clock, the calendar, the stopwatch, the memo pad, the pager, and even a notepad. All of these things again are basic for a phone today, because they are delivering something far more complex today. The phones have become primary media consumption devices for so many people worldwide, and thus created room for apps like MXPlayer.

Features of MX Player 1.8.15a

  • MX Player is video player that supports all formats of video, and movies. In the time of such vivid media, there are several formats that videos are available in.
  • It is built to support all kinds of formats for the increased canvas of watchable content.
  • The application is available for download on Android devices.

How to download MX Player?

To download it, click below.


Download MX Player


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