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MX PlayerMX Player is an app designed for the videophile. It serves the purpose of being a Video playing app perfectly. It is designed to support most of all common media file formats and is a boon for the people, who do not have inbuilt video players that support a wide variety of formats. MX Player is a highly customizable app, and it can be an easy user interface based video player or it could even be a complex customizable platform. It is up to the user, to utilize its full potential.


Features of MX Player 1.8.18

  • The application supports almost every common and some uncommon file formats. Like .avi , .MPEG, .mp4,.divx , .mov, .xvid and so many more.
  • The app boasts a lot of customizability, a user can toggle between themes that they prefer and enable and disable buttons on the display for controlling the experience.
  • The application is advanced enough to redirect processing in a said device, and hardware acceleration can be achieved by redirecting the decoding of the high-resolution file, to the GPU rather than the CPU, all from inside the app.
  • MX Player makes it a point to use the full capabilities of a device and supports multi-core decoding of files, which helps the user experience smoothen, and allows for the user to completely utilize the processing power of a high-end device.
  • MX Player since is a modular app allows for the user to test and check what runs best on their devices, and thus being even more integrated to every device it is installed.
  • One of the most used features of MX Player is its ability to support subtitles. This feature specially for users with interests in anime and foreign language media content.

How to download MX Player?

To download, click below

Download MX Player


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