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MX PlayerJ2 interactive studios designed and introduced a new video player for the Android devices in vain called MX Player. Advanced video acceleration and subtitle supports are the keys and prominent things about the video player. This application served the android devices for many years and every time it has an astonishing update. It was the oldest video player for android. This application was downloaded 500 million times from the day of introduction. It consists of broad inbuilt parameters and features.

Features of MX Player 1.8.19

 The brightness of the screen while video playing can be adjusted easily just by swiping up and down on the left side of the screen in this app.
 The same swiping pattern is also recommended for forwarding and rewinding the video in this app.
 User finds the interface of this app as most interesting and easier to handle all the operations and functions.
 KID LOCK is introduced in the app for preventing the unwanted touches and operations on the video playing window.
 Online subtitles feature in this app helps you to download any type of subtitles in the required language.
 Smooth streaming of videos was made possible through the injected multi-core decoding into the application.
 AC-3, MP3, AAC etc., are the audio formats which can be supported by this application in any video format.
 Now you can stream videos online in the app through the online videos feature in the application with youtube collaboration.
 This app was termed as best than 70 percent of single core devices for video playing.


How to download MX PLayer?

Stream online and offline videos more-smoother through MX player. Click the link for downloading the app which was provided in the article.

Download MX Player


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