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MX PlayerMX player is an android mobile software application, that is made from scratch for Android users, who are videophiles. The application is built mainly for the sector of mobile phones users, that do not have services that support a large number of file format types. Mx Player essentially is an application that is a video player, and if fully functional as one. The application is used to watch videos, films and other audiovisual content on mobile devices, and is a very popular option as well, due to its wide variety of file format support.


Features of MX Player 1.9.1

Following are a few features of the app:
● The application, that is the video player, has a large profile of video file formats that it supports. The list behind with .wmv , .mp4 , .vidx , .xvid and so on.
● The application is known to be an application of simple interface and user interactions, making tasks easier for the user, and to navigate through and control settings of the video that they view.
● The app offers multi-core decoding for higher-end devices that allows for the user to fully utilize their processing power and result in a smooth viewing experience. This feature allowed for users with higher end devices to enjoy the full benefit of their device.
MX Player offers impeccable subtitle support to the user, with the ability to download subtitles, and even adjust them to match and sync with the video, enhancing the viewing experience furthermore.

How to download MX Player?

You can download the app from the given link.

Download MX Player


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