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MX PlayerMX player is a boon for the social outcasts. MX player is an app made to support any kind of file system on your phone. Mx player has various different segments of app versions that help you enjoy your entertainment. You can listen to your songs from any format. MX player can play any video format. Basically, it has the capacity to endure different platforms of video format on your phones.


Features of MX Player 2.0.30

Let’s check some of the features of this

  • MX player has the ability to play any video you give. It supports AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV any sort of file. If you have a phone with good hardware processor system you can have HD videos with the help of this app.
  • The app assists you with the subtitle option for your ease and comfort. If you want you can go in the settings and shove the subtitles option on your device and have a clear picture about your presented videos
  • It has a software decoder enabled that can boost your audio frame up to 200%. You don’t need to worry about the sound of ultra HD sound systems
  • This player does not only give you the option of streaming videos on your phone but also you can stream videos from different networks
  • There is also a gesture feature in the MX player which enables you with different options of backgrounds, volume, and brightness
  • There is a child lock engraved so that your child does not hinder in your place of entertainment.

How to download MX Player 2.0.30?

To download the app click on the given link-

Download MX Player


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