Download MX Player 2.0.43

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MX PlayerMX Player is a free media player but also a paid version is available in android devices which supports very large number of video formats. It is the most used and oldest media player for android devices.


Features of MX Player 2.0.43

So here are few features about the application:

  • It has an amazing playback feature which means it can play almost any type of video you want to play.
  • The quality of the video will be of high definition always.
  • The player also supports hardware and software decoding.
  • You can also play video in background.
  • You can watch YouTube videos with subtitles if you want to.
  • You can play videos online.
  • MX Player has multiscreen mode available too, where you can split the screen in two.
  • A feature is sync across multiple devices is also available.
  • There is a feature of child lock that is when small kids watching the video can get over excited and can touch the screen and your video will be gone or something or the other so to avoid that, this feature helps the screen to lock so that even after touching the screen you video will be continuing.

How to download MX Player 2.0.43?

So just go and download, because so many features are available on this single app. And to download just click on the link given. Open the downloaded file in your device and install it using the instructions you will get on the screen. This will install the app in your device.

Download MX Player



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