Download MX Player 2.0.49

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MX PlayerMx player is a video app which has been downloaded more than 500 million times across the globe.

Features of MX Player 2.0.49

Features of the MX PLAYER are listed below-


 It has a great feature of playback that is, it can play any video you throw to it.
 You can change playback speed by swiping up or down.
 You can also change dynamically the audio track.
 MX player comes up with multiple decoding modes, it has advanced hardware accelerated decoders and makes the audio and video more smoothly and battery efficient.
 You can have more controls over playback by moving forward or backward, also you can aspect ratio selection, you can use keyboard shortcuts
 The application is easy to use , thanks for its easy user interface.
 It provides you with subtitle to make the movie or the video more understandable.
 You can file management, it provides you with high speed, file and folder management and you can also search movies through this application.
 It will provide you with multiple themes.
 You can also change texts styling and colouring script you can also adjust sync and speed.
 You can adjust screen settings without leaving the video playback screen, also display current time and battery status, in fact you can zoom video through long press zoom button, you will have keyboard navigation.
 You can also secure the screen with the kids lock, that is the screen will be locked and it
will prevent kids from starting other apps.

How to download MX Player 2.0.49?

To download this app click on the link given below.

Download MX Player


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