Download MX Player 2.0.60

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MX PlayerMX player is a video player that allows you to stream and view video clips of any format in a smartphone and can be downloaded right from the web in a small amount of space. It is a very strong, advanced in software enhancement and capable multimedia player that is used by millions of users all over the world. It gives the user an opportunity to access videos and media content sitting in the comfort of their home, through the peak office hours and along the refreshing tours.

Features of MX player 2.0.60

1. MX player possesses multi-core decoding, a first-of-its-kind computing component initiative by an application’s standard which reads and executes the coding, intermediate input and external resultant instructions in the technical plethora.
2. It also possesses hardware acceleration to specifically perform more efficient functions in the video section in order to help with additional menu options.
3. It has an excellent audio-video interface that supports many quality and volume functions and supports 10 different video formats such as AVI, MOV, FLV.
4. It can play HD(high-definition) videos on a good compatible device and has a leveled subtitle support; along with playback functions, it also has a better loading capacity.
5. It also has a classy child-lock feature to ensure safety of young children below 18 years of age during video streaming and phone use.


How to download MX Player 2.0.60?

To download the MX Player app in your device, you would need to click on the below given download option-

Download MX Player


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