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MX PlayerMX Player is a media player available on many platforms (especially on Android) that allows you to play your videos and audios in your preferred format without any issues. It supports multi-core decoding. It is user-friendly, customizable and has very strong features.  MX Player is one of the best options available in the Android video player market.


Features of MX Player 2.0.66

Features of MX Player are-

1. Supports all audio formats (MP3, AAC, etc)
2. Can choose the subtitles and their size and font
3. Hardware acceleration is also provided to make it easier for users.
4. Most video formats (3GP, MP4 etc) are played
5. Displays cover arts and availability of multiple themes
6. Availability of Kids Lock so that they can focus on the app only
7. Assists in decoding multi core devices.
8. Can zoom in and out across the screen
9. Major volume boosts
10. MX player is not only limited to the common videos but you can also stream videos
11. You can switch audio track, it has multiple decoding modes.
12. It is easy to use and has a user friendly interface.
13. You can even edit files and folders.
14.  Also search movies, and have multiple themes.
15. You can adjust screen and subtitle display settings without leaving the video playback screen.

How to download MX Player 2.0.66?

1. Click on the download link and allow it to download it in your mobile.
2. Click on install go to your settings and allow it to install despite any alerts.
3. Your MX player is now ready to entertain you with its large hub of videos!

Download MX Player

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