Files not displaying on video list (Fix)

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While using MX Player, you may notice that certain files are not displayed on the folder/video list. This can happen due to a number of reasons due to which MX Player does not show those files.

Files on SD Card:

MX Player lists video files that are available on the SD Card. It will only show the files that are available on the video files.


Copy all the video files to SD Card if you haven’t done it yet so, MX Player may show those files.

Refreshing the list:

If you are certain that video files do exist on SD Card, but MX Player is not displaying them, then you can refresh MX Player.

Tap on “Refresh” button on the top right corner and MX Player will rescan and search for new files.

Hidden Files and Folder:

If you can still not see the video files, then it may be that certain files may be hidden. This can be fixed by checking Show Hidden Files and Folders.

To do that, go to Settings > List > Show hidden files and folders. Also, make sure that “Recognize .nomedia” is unchecked.

After doing this, Tap on “Refresh” button on the top right corner.


/sdcard is not shared among the profiles on MX Player. It means that files created or copied with other profiles will not be seen on other profiles.

To see those files, you will need to return to the original profile with which files are created or copied.


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