MX Player for iOS

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MX PlayerMX Player is the best video player for Android when it comes to performance. MX Player gives you brilliant video playback with no lags and stuttering. The app uses video codecs which gives a nice feel to the video quality and also it supports a lot of video formats starting from mp4 to 3gp and also your HD videos play effortlessly. One of the best things about MX Player is the gesture control. You can move the video forward or backward just with a swipe of your finger. Video streaming was never so easy.


The sad news is that MX Player is still not available for iOS devices. The app developers are working to launch the app in the App Store but there is no definite release date yet. There are few fake media players with the same name so be careful while downloading the app form the iOS App Store. Also, check the developer before you install any app from the App Store.


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